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Subject [Bug 119443] [From Symphony]the shape 3D property effect in MS PPT can't be load correctly.
Date Mon, 13 Aug 2012 01:44:50 GMT

--- Comment #10 from Jianyuan Li <> ---
Thanks for the clue. I have checked the SdrObject. It is an SdrPathObj which
cannot contain a SdrCustomShapeGeometryItem.
According to this hint, I have another solution for this issue. I want to
import the line with 3D effects as a SdrObjCustomShape. For its geometry, I
simply used msoStraightConnector1. For this, below two advantages
appears(comparing the first patch):
1. SdrCustomShapeGeometryItem will be set into item set by
ApplyCustomShapeGeometryAttributes. So nothing additional needs be done for
filter code.
2. No need to call EnhancedCustomShape3d::Create3DObject because it will be
called for custom shape by core(not for line).

I also created the second patch for this. It is new patch which is not based on
the first one.
But this patch still cannot import the 3D correctly. 3D effect has been
imported. But the effect is not the same like in MS 2003. There are two
1. Custom object should be converted into a poly object. I have tried this with
SdrObjCustomShape::ConvertToPolyObj(like the call in first patch). But it does
not work. At the same time I think it is not reasonable to convert it into a
poly because this will impact the line export for MS 2003(not a line any more).
Just with the second patch, the imported 3D line can be exported correctly. Its
3D effect and shape type is the same as original line.
2. For line(custom), it seems that core function will not consider line width
when applying 3D effects like MS 2003. Can you help check whether it is
possible to consider line width(just for line shape) in

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