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Subject [Bug 120382] New: MAILMERGE: Messed up elements (footers, tables, graphics) on mail merge prints, okay up to OO V3.2. Example attached.
Date Thu, 26 Jul 2012 19:49:51 GMT

          Priority: P2
            Bug ID: 120382
           Summary: MAILMERGE: Messed up elements (footers, tables,
                    graphics) on mail merge prints, okay up to OO V3.2.
                    Example attached.
          Severity: critical
        Issue Type: DEFECT
    Classification: Application
                OS: All
          Hardware: All
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
           Version: AOO 3.4.0
         Component: printing
           Product: word processor

Created attachment 78743
Example producing messed up mail merge outputs (on current LO/OOs only)

I hope somebody will read this long post. But obviously something mysterious
happend to OO after v3.2.

I am preparing a rather complex mail letter with switching page forms (first
page to standard) and backgrounds (vector drawings from Impress, linked via
header), cr code and photo graphics, tables, one rotated text box and of course
database fields, conditional output and so forth.
I'm familiar with these things and their problems, being an early
DOS-Starwriter user (yes, even with paid licenses back in the days).

Surprisingly all of these features worked when I started a first run with a
filled database, but the output was a complete mess though:
On some (not all) pages of the generated mail letters (4 pages each) footers
were dropped (including page numbers), on the first letter (or data set) some
(not all) graphics were gone, on the next letter they reappeared. From some
page on tables were shrunk: their text contents -no variables- were gone. Boxes
moved to the wrong page. Nearly everything was affected.

First I thought this had to do with the pdf export, but paper prints were
messed up as well.

Then I removed "suspicious" features one by one, but that also didn't help. The
remaining elements were still corrupted, there was no "critical" element to be

That led me to the idea that something more general could be buggy and I
started to test other/former versions and this approach was successful:
Apache OpenOffice Portable 3.4: buggy output
LibreOffice Portable 3.5.5: buggy output
OpenOffice Portable 3.0: EVERYTHING PERFECT (okay, some impress issues, because
of the newer graphic source, but nothing lost during the merge process)
OpenOffice Portable 3.2: EVERYTHING PERFECT (...)
All are portable versions (Apache is from winpenpack, the rest from
portableapps) I could find, but from the results it's obvious that the problems
don't have to do with portable or not.

The fact is that somewhere later than OO 3.2 the code (maybe of the mail merge
component) must have been changed (in both forks) and seems to be pretty
capricious now.

Attached there's an example file, which is stripped to the basics and linked to
the default "biblio" database, but it may be linked to any database.

If you print this as mail merge you will see all of the effects I mentioned
Remember - all these strange things won't happen in versions up to 3.2!
In my original file single prints are flawless. 

Interestingly (only) this example file will also show another strange effect in
ALL versions: Sometimes, if you run single prints the last pages will be
ROTATED (not shown in the preview). This effect is not reliable, but it happens
from time to time, but in all tested versions.

Maybe this is a key (or predecessor) to the whole problem, so I leave it as it

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