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Subject [Bug 120307] Row insert/move/delete moves ALL page-break-inserts within the document down past the top of their pages misplacing the beginning of the page. Also any page-break insert/delete may move all other page-break-inserts within the doc to odd new positions.
Date Thu, 19 Jul 2012 12:34:47 GMT

--- Comment #7 from ---
Good test you did! I can't send my whole business file but how about this: 

The difference between mine & yours is that in my file I have 21 pages that has
images at the end and much calculating throughout before that. 

Any big test file that you have there should show this problem. All it needs
are fields that are on page 2 to be referenced like on page 5, the pages need
headers as you have done in yours with the "AA A AA". Also I use almost all the
formatting commands including different font sizes. 

You did a great test that illustrated exactly what I said so we basically
understand each other. Now if you just do it in any really big MULTIPAGE file
then the problem should show up where adding rows make the row-page-break's
almost all move below the the top of the pages jumping to a higher numbered
cell all on their own like magic. What should have happened in your test was
the blue page line should have gone down 3 positions to like row 27 passing the
"A AA A" header lines, but I see from your picture file that it did not.  

Also just doing like 3 or 4 row inserts one at a time not with the mouse but
with insert > row done over and over will also cause the
page-top-insert-row-breaks to move past their headers.

My problem is that my budget if very large and it will bite me in the end of I
send it out to anyone except the few that will normally see it. 

If you try the above and you can't duplicate it then I will find a way to
justify the time in my daily budget to take the file and change all the numbers
and other stuff. This will take quite a while but I will do it. I really think
that with a multipage test and just a few calculations in there it will show

Thank you!

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