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Subject [Bug 120307] Insert > Manual Break > Row Break moves ALL row-page-break-inserts within the document down past the top of their pages misplacing the beginning of the page.
Date Fri, 27 Jul 2012 21:00:55 GMT

--- Comment #10 from ---
While attempting to create a file for you to test, I discovered where the
problem may lie. 

When I deleted long paragraphs that were justified formatted, so that only one
character was on that line, then line inserting worked fine, and did not move
the insert-row-breaks that followed the inserted lines. 

It does not always happen, but it happens often enough that as a practical
matter you can't use long justified paragraphs and then insert row-breaks or
delete row-breaks.

Additionally: Sometimes row inserting will cause extra insert-row-page-brakes
to be created; it moves them down a line or two and adds an extra one.

The new release of Open Office Calc is better but not completely fixed. It has
locked up, moved, and duplicated, insert-page-breaks multiple times in my big
multipage files (21 pages). 

These files include images at the end, a number of long paragraphs scattered
throughout that have justified formatting (you must use justified or you loose
part of the paragraph), a one line header, a multi line footer, and average
maybe 30 calculation lines per page.

Examples of the error & options are placed above as attachments.

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