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Subject [Bug 120194] "Getting Support" has outdated content
Date Wed, 04 Jul 2012 14:15:03 GMT

--- Comment #1 from Rob Weir <> ---
I grepped the source tree for other suscpious references to
email addresees (outside of comments).  A few others to look at:

  m_sMailAddress = sVCSID + "";

main/helpcontent2/source/text/shared/05/00000001.xhp:54:         <paragraph
xml-lang="en-US" id="par_id0804200803314235" role="paragraph" l10n="NEW">In
case you are concerned about any security issue with using this software, you
can contact the developers on the public mail list If you
want to discuss any issue with other users, send an email to the public mail

main/readlicense_oo/docs/readme/readme.xrm:269:            <p id="support1"
xml:lang="en-US">The main support page <a
href=""></a> offers
various possibilities for help with ${PRODUCTNAME}. Your question may have
already been answered - check the Community Forum at <a
or search the archives of the '' mailing list at <a

mail_list.html</a>. Alternatively, you can send in your questions to <a
href=""></a>. How to subscribe
to the list (to get an email response) is explained on this page: <a

main/sw/source/core/draw/dcontact.cxx:1896:        ASSERT( false,
"<SwDrawContact::ConnectToLayout(..)> - master drawing object not inserted ->
no connect to layout. Please inform" );


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