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Subject [Bug 120170] Autosave loops and endlessly produces 0KB backup files when it fails to autosave
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2012 05:20:25 GMT

--- Comment #2 from HD <> ---
The provided sample doc tries to Autosave every 7 sec approx.
But more larger files "loops" more frequently.

I have added a sheet with lots of cell references to for higher
CPU load for the bug to behave even worse.

Follow the steps below and Autosave locks up the file and has to be
terminated via Task Manager.

1. Kill all "soffice.bin" process and make sure no OO files are open.
2. Open Bugdoc2.ods, enter some texts and wait for the Autosave.
3. When Autosave starts to loop at about 5 sec interval, time it right
   and try to click on random cells repeatedly just at the moment when
   OO tries to Autosave again.
4. Autosave loops w/o any interval which results in a file lock up.

Once the "loop" kicks in, the file does not respond to any operation
at all since file can not be operated while Autosave is running as
per default behaviour of OO. And the file has to be terminated via
Task Manager by killing "soffice.bin" process.

Now, go to "backup" directory to see a countless number of 0KB backup
files have been created.(They don't show up during the "loop")

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