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Subject [Bug 120165] [From Symphony]Impress crashed when play screen show with sample file
Date Tue, 31 Jul 2012 07:27:57 GMT

--- Comment #14 from Armin Le Grand <> ---
ALG->pengyunquan: When the mask has not the same pixel size, it can anyways not
fit the content; the mask will anyways been scaled when painting with VCL (not
truncated as in the patch), so scaling it at BitmapEx construction time makes
no difference for visualization, except that the visualisation does the scaling
at runtime.
Changing the saved BitmapEx: Yes, it will be saved changed, but I think this is
acceptable for such bitmaps. As explained above, VCL will scale the Mask/Alpha
at output to the same output pixel size anyways. All pixel formats I know which
support Alpha/Mask have something like RGBA anyways in file formats, thus a
unequal SizePixel is not even possible/allowed since one alpha value is bound
to one pixel.
I also do not know how that BitmapEx was created, but as the existing asserts
show it is not intended and leads to many exceptions in the whole office. In
many places are asserts to warn in this case (as in the task case there were
already warnings), but no handling implemented. I have not designed VCL, but
this looks like purpose, too.
If there should really be a case where this is problematic we can react on it
when it comes up.

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