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Subject [Bug 120124] optimize graphic cache to improve odt saving performance
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2012 10:28:29 GMT

Armin Le Grand <> changed:

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--- Comment #4 from Armin Le Grand <> ---
ALG: There is already a graphic cache used in the GraphicManager/Graphic
combination. For that cache, the user can change the to be used cache size in
tools/optioions/memory, default is 20MB. I see no reason to use a hard-coded
additional cache size of 40MB which is uncontrollable and hidden from the user.
It may be discussed to change that default to 40MB, though.

The current mechanism for swapping out graphics controlled can be foud by
grepping for 'SwapOut' in the code. This is mainly used for cases where it is
known that the graphic was swapped in for a single reason, .e.g. to print or
export it. There are several places which use SwapOut in that situations to
controlled free this again. This of course may have already influenced the
cache content, so it does seen from the cache content not necessarily lead back
to the situation before swapping in the graphic.

For speeding up saving it should be enough to just remove that hard SwapOut
again and just let the existing cache do it's work. This can from my POV also
be done for printing or other usages. Places for this are:


For this task it is enough from my POV to remove SwapOut() in xmltexte.cxx,
maybe increase default graphic cache size from 20 to 40MB (or even more) with
the argument that memory (and graphic sizes, think about modern user cameras
and jpegs), and maybe also handle other places when at it.

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