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Subject [Bug 119940] Document thumbnails not shown in Windows file manager
Date Tue, 31 Jul 2012 02:00:58 GMT changed:

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I'm experiencing the same problem but have zeroed in a little bit more.
Currently I'm running two computers, one a laptop with 32bit Win 7, the other a
PC with 64bit Win7, and keep identicle files on both by simple transfer using a
flash drive. However, I'm only experiencing the problem on the 64bit PC. Now
both computers were updated from OO 3.3 to 3.4 at the same time with no
documents updated during this time. Did some footwork and here's what I found.
(also please not I keep most my working files on the desktop)
On the 64bit win7 PC 
 - Documents originally saved on 3.3 still show their thumbnail. If in a
folder, they still show a preview in the preview window.
 - Documents saved with AOO 3.4 no longer show either Thumbnail, now replaced
with generic icon, and show an error on preview.
 - If the 3.3 Documents are moved into a folder, they keep their thumbnail and
 - If 3.3 Documents are copied (on the same machine) instead of a move, they
lose the thumbnail, again being replaced by an icon, however can still be
previewed properly. 

On the 32bin win7 machine
 - Documents saved on 3.3 still have thumbnail, and show a preview if view in a
 - Moving 3.3 documents in and out of folders, copying, or opening them with
3.4 (NOT SAVING) has NO effect on thumbnails or preview
 - Documents saved using AOO 3.4 still retain a thumbnail, it is updated to fit
the document, however they no longer can be previewed while in a folder.

Now concerning documents being transfered, this is where things get more
Concerning 3.3 documents
 - Documents transfered FROM the 64bit TO the 32bit are uneffected. They still
retain thumbnail and preview
 - Documents transfered FROM the 32bit TO the 64bit lose their thumbnail (for
an icon), but retain the preview function. Note: this is consistant with the
items being copied within the 64bit machine, as they are essentially copied
from the flash drive whether you use a move function or a copy function.
 - Transfering a 3.3 doc FROM the 32 bit TO the 64bit, subsiquently losing its
thumbnail image, and transfering it BACK to the 32 rebuilds the thumbanil (no
more generic icon).

Finally, concerning AOO 3.4 documents
 - Docs transfered FROM the 64 bit TO the 32 bit comp will have a thumbnail
built upon being copied over to the 32bit. Note again consistant with how the
32bit copies files.
 - Documents sent FROM the 32 bit TO the 64 bit will lose the thumbnail.
 - These effects happen regardless of which machine they were saved on, I
tested both.

Its a lenghty all over check, but I think I got it narrowed down pretty well. 
- Theres two seperate issues, one being the thumbnail/icon and the other being
the preview.
- The preview (using the folders document preview version) doesn't function at
all with AOO 3.4 saved documents and the error reffers to "an error in the
Microsoft Previewer"
- As far the tumbnails error, it seems to only occur when windows 7 with AOO
3.4 has to build a thumbnail for a copied or saved file. I would assume the
coding for this function within 3.4 for 64bit systems is either missing or
I hope this info helps.

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