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Subject [Bug 119728] Text anchor properties changes in shape can not be saved when saving the attached xls file to another xls file.
Date Fri, 20 Jul 2012 10:08:54 GMT

Tan Li <> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Tan Li <> ---
   I have investigate this issue. Text anchor properties for shapes is AOO's
feature which Excel don't has. Similar properties in Excel is text alignment
for shapes, and it correspond AOO's text alignment, which could use by click
menu "Format"->"Alignment" or from toolbar. It could be distinguished from
apperance that text anchor and text alignment is different on horizontal
   When import Excel file, horizontal text alignment is mapped to AOO's text
alignment, but text alignment in AOO don't enable "top", "bottom", so it map
Excel text alignment "top", "bottom" to text anchor in AOO, for vertical
appearance is same between two software. By above methods, Excel's alignment
could be mapped to AOO.
   In this issue, we want to set horizontal text anchor "left", "right" for xls
file, but it could not mapped to properties in Excel, because horizontal text
anchor appears differently from alignment and Excel don't has text anchor
properties. AOO has more properties than Excel's text alignment in shapes, so
AOO text alignment and text anchor properties could not be mapped to Excel
    So I think it is not AOO's bug or if we could simplify AOO UI to keep same
with Excel?

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