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Subject [Bug 119075] Crashes when right clicked to call context menu while a mixture of alphabets and Japanese texts are selected
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2012 02:19:14 GMT

--- Comment #12 from Ariel Constenla-Haile <> ---
(In reply to comment #8)
>  But another thing to note that all my testing was done with clean and
>  fresh install of OO. Meaning, uninstall OO - delete all the user
>  profiles and program files and then install w/o any extensions.
>  Does it apply to this case as well?

Yes. The Dictionary Extensions come with AOO, and are installed by default
(together with other two extensions: "Presentation Minimizer" and "Presenter
Console"; you can check this in the Tools - Extension Manager...). If you
remove your user profile, these extensions will be installed in the new

> >Nothing has been removed.
>  Are you sure? Because I had Hunspell Spellchecker and other "Available
>  language modules" w/o installing an extension up until OOo 330 and the
>  latest version of LO.

If you never installed any dictionary extension it was because the dictionary
came with the installation (the full install set or the language pack).

>  I got the "Empty Available language modules" from AOO 340 JP. I tried
>  installing the JP language pack but I still get the empty Language
>  modules. (It's a clean install as stated above.)

The language packs don't come with dictionaries now (in OOo times they did),
may be this changes in the future (I'm not aware a feature request for this,
you can submit a new bug for this).

>  I will attach screen shots of the options dialog box for you to see.
> >Install a dictionary extension for the language you want the Thesaurus
> >to work.
>  There's no Japanese dictionary available at
>  What other choices do I have?

You have to install dictionary extensions.
Language packs don't come with them. And AFAIK the JP full install set does not
come with dictionaries (and I don't know if there is an issue for it).

Regarding your screen shots, the important thing to look is the Extensions
Manager, dictionaries are installed as extensions since a long time ago
Users just didn't realize it because the extensions came with the install
set/language pack.

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