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Subject [Bug 45563] Request keyboard shortcut for AutoSum
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2012 14:49:24 GMT

--- Comment #10 from hanya <> ---
Created attachment 78237
Simple document to test autosum

The document attached to reduce to check the patch. 
AutoSum should be the same behavior with the auto sum of AOO 3.4, compare
following behaviors between them.
ScTabViewShell::InputAutoSum function is separated into two parts. 
1. Cell or cell ranges are selected.
- Select C4:D4, autosum -> C4: =SUM(C1:C3) and D4: =SUM(D1:D3)
- Select F1:G4, autosum -> A2:G5 selected and G5: =SUM(G2:G4)
- Select C9:C11, -> each rows should be summed
- Select D9:D11, -> D11: =SUM(), this is ScViewFunc::AutSum returns false.
- Put cell cursor on E14 -> E14: =SUBTOTAL(9;E9:E13) for filtered range

2. No cell selected, else section of first if statement.
- Put cell cursor on A6, autosum -> A6 shows =SUM(A1:A5) and it can be canceled

Un-check View - Formula Bar to hide input window and try above situations, 
the same results should be shown in cell edit window or directly inputted.

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