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Subject [Bug 30470] Calc needs ability to specify fixed decimal.
Date Mon, 18 Jun 2012 11:08:43 GMT

Shirley <> changed:

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--- Comment #11 from Shirley <> ---
I was reading through the oldests bugs because my particular favorite is next
to the oldest.  In doing so, I ran across this bug -er- enhancement - that is
also rated trivial.  I think the powers that decide on what to work on are
using the votes of the current user base (and probably only the more technical
and vocal among them) and not the potential customers who are out there.  

But about this problem in particular.  This isn't a pretty solution but it
works.  It would be nicer if it were in a macro but every time I try to develop
a macro in OO, I fail miserably (in spite of having programmed for years and
years.  Once upon a time, I even wrote a HR budgeting system using only Lotus

So here is my suggestion.

1. Enter the series of numbers with and without decimal points:


2. HIGHLIGHT the values you just entered.
3. Open FIND and REPLACE
4. Click on MORE OPTIONS
5. Put checkmarks in 

6. In the SEARCH FOR box copy and paste this: 
7. In the REPLACE WITH box enter 
8. Click on FIND ALL to see which cells with be changed.  
9. Click on REPLACE ALL.

In the example, the results will appear as:

Again, this isn't an elegant solution.  You have to remember to run the FIND
and REPLACE.  If you change one of the numbers after you did the FIND and
REPLACE, you have to enter the decimal point in the correct position. 

If you use a comma to separate whole numbers from the fractional part, this
isn't going to work but could be adapted.

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