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Subject [Bug 24585] Working with Review is somewhat unintuitive
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2012 01:32:21 GMT

ottadini <> changed:

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--- Comment #12 from ottadini <> ---
I agree with jcarberry on these points and add my comments in []:
- a way of advancing to the next change without effecting an action on the
current change (e.g., a next or skip button)
[many software have this sorted out quite well: Unison File Synchroniser for
example by Benjamin Pierce; many merge/diff programs like Meld and WinDiff: all
done by simple keystrokes. The Accept/Reject dialog needs to be non-modal, and
even never take focus.]

- sometimes items are skipped and sometimes not - this flaky behavior needs to
be fixed. Some say this is due to a corrupted file, but that does not explain
the behavior.
[Not sure if this is related, but the 'resolution' of changes is far too
granular. An editor of my current document has made many changes, but for some
reason LO has partitioned his changes (even when part of a continuous sentence)
into many changes. e.g. the added sentence "Our combined research efforts
provide greater insight into the subsurface temperature distribution, and the
processes and mechanisms that control heat flow." is not seen by LO as one
change, but three! Why? There seems no reason to it. Great loss of productivity
having to separately manage cases like this (and there are many).]

I'd also add:
** I have assigned a keyboard shortcut to "Accept Change". When using the menu
item or this shortcut the next nearest change (forward in the document) could
be highlighted under some sort of "Express review" mode.

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