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Subject [Bug 23839] Underlines in user defined number format, accounting underlining
Date Thu, 21 Jun 2012 22:41:55 GMT

--- Comment #15 from johann messner <> ---
Created attachment 78433
"raw" (to be applied manually) patch; it implements the requested feature as a
proof of concept

A function extending patch for the Spreadsheet Processor LibreOffice Calc.
It resembles a proof of concept (prototypical implementation) for supporting  
a "fill-in character" in user defined NumberFormat strings for spreadsheet
an asterisk ('*') character which shows up in between double quotes defines
the immediately following character to be the fill-in character, which in turn
is to be printed repeatedly such that the available cell space is used up.
E.g. the user defined number (or currency) format string: 
results, when applied (we assume locale en_US) to the value 
in a visible cell content of
(the number of dashes depends on the actual column width).

Only one fill-in character definition per number format string is supported.

When using standard conditional formatting (i.e. a tripel of format strings 
for negative values, postitive values and null, respectively) you can define
a separate fill-in character per branch; the semicolon (';') separates  
the components of the tripel.

>From a typographical perspective you should use a fixed width (i.e.
font for typesetting numerical data which is to be shown column-wise. This rule
thumb is twice as relevant when using this kind of "fill-in character" in your
user defined number format string.

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