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Subject [Bug 120035] AOO 3.4 fails to install with JRE Platform SE 7U5 under WinXP x32
Date Thu, 21 Jun 2012 15:34:11 GMT

--- Comment #2 from Alex H <> ---
Hi Solver / Editor of this Bugzilla

Reported this bug 12005.
received 3 mails in reply thus far, with following status for AOO and Java JRE
5u7 problem report on this issue website:-
1. My bug 12005 now marked as duplicate of bug 11993.
2. Bug 11993 marked as duplicate of bug 119525.
3. Bug 120046 marked as duplicate of bug 119525.
Thus as far as I can make out, only valid bug number, at present, is bug
119525, which must give a SOLUTION for the bug problem reports (12005, 11993,

Forgive the basics, but this is my first report of anything in bugzilla !
1. When can a SOLUTION be expected?
2. How do access this SOLUTION (in Bugzilla, or will personal email arrive as
am part of cc)?

Thanks for clarity.

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