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Subject [Bug 120015] Application crash when undo "Graphic styles" action.
Date Tue, 19 Jun 2012 14:57:06 GMT

--- Comment #4 from Armin Le Grand <> ---
ALG: I investigated, none of the actions on the opened styles dialog (F11)
creates any undo/redo actions, this is missing implementation functionality and
too much to create now for this fix.
I saw that SdrUndoAttrObj which is used to protocol SfxItemSet changes to
SdrObjects uses SfxStyleSheet* to remember the used StyleSheets. One
possibility would be to use the Strings Sheet.GetName(), GetFamily() to
remember the Style instead and do a SfxStyleSheetBasePool::Find(..) on
Undo/Redo to detect if the style still exists. The default style could then be
used. This still allows no true undo functionality, settng the default style is
not correct.
Interestingly SfxStyleSheet is derived from SfxStyleSheetBase and that is
derived from comphelper::OWeakTypeObject, thus refcounted. It is possible to

rtl::Reference< SfxStyleSheetBase > mxUndoStyleSheet;

instead of

SfxStyleSheet*                pUndoStyleSheet;

This allows to survive the removal of the StyleSheet from the StyleSheetPool.
When undoing/redoing code is needed to check if it still is in the pool, add it
if not and use it.
This allows full undo/redo even with removed StyleSheets; on undo a deleted
StyleSheet is re-inserted to the StyleSheetPool, on redo it will stay there as
if deletion did not happen. This is acceptable due to the fact that StyleSheet
removal has no undo itself and that it will be removed anyways with the next
save/load cycle (AFAIK only used StyleSheets survive, but not sure right now).

I will add the code so far as patch. It still triggers one assertion (not find
parent), but parent works and is set. I'm pretty sure the assertion is wrong.

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