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Subject [Bug 119989] [From Symphony]Pie chart height becomes greater when open Excel file
Date Thu, 21 Jun 2012 09:24:05 GMT

--- Comment #11 from Armin Le Grand <> ---
ALG: Sorry, I have another question: Is the property "IsExcel3DChart" needed?

The value can be converted from percent to the absolute value in
sc/source/filter/excel/xichart.cxx line 2405, 

    rPropSet.SetProperty( EXC_CHPROP_3DHEIGHT, (sal_Int32)maData.mnRelHeight);

before setting it. Then, chart2/source/view/charttypes/PieChart.cxx line 425

            double fDepth  = bIsExcel3DChart ?  (this->getTransformedDepth()) *
n3DHeight /(2*100) : this->getTransformedDepth();

would not need to react on the bool IsExcel3DChart and the standard line

           // double fDepth  = this->getTransformedDepth();    

could be used unchanged.

The API value "3DHeight" would then not have two different units (absolute and
relative if excel), and thus two different meanings, but just a single,
explicit one. This allows to work with this value without always to have to
check "IsExcel3DChart", too.

Also a minimal API is always better. So, is the bool "IsExcel3DChart"
needed...? Maybe I have overseen something, please check.

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