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Subject [Bug 119986] Custom Animation Failure
Date Sun, 17 Jun 2012 12:44:15 GMT

Neil Thompson <> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Neil Thompson <> ---
I was able to replicate this behaviour, or something very like it, using AOO
3.4.0 version 340m1 Build 9590 rev. 1325589.  My machine is Toshiba tablet PC,
Intel Core 2 Duo at 2.1 GHz with 2.0 Gb RAM & running 32-bit Windows Vista
Business (with Service Pack 2).

To start, I assumed that “text bullets” were actually a multiple of text
objects, as I do not know of a way of animating separate bullets within a
single text object. Having done this, I found something very close to what had
been described:
1.    In a new OpenOffice presentation, set up some text objects containing one
bullet each (I chose 4 for convenience)
2.    Select each object in turn, and for each: click Custom Animation, Modify
effect Add, Entrance Appear, OK (leaving defaults of Start on click, Automatic
preview on);
3.    Click the Play button: this makes the first bullet display but then
“automatically” after about one second, the animation stops and the whole slide
redisplays in edit mode.
4.    However, when clicking the Slide Show button instead of Play (this was
not in the original bug report as such), the first bullet displays immediately
without clicking, then on 1st click nothing seems to happen, then on 2nd, 3rd &
4th clicks the 2nd, 3rd & 4th bullets appear.
5.    The same behaviour (on both Play and Slide Show buttons) occurs when
using the return key or down-arrow key instead of click.

To attempt clarification, I ran some follow-up tests:
•    saving the file in Impress then reopening and retrying the tests (result:
same behaviour);
•    using shapes (I chose rectangles) rather than text (result: similar
behaviour except that with Slide Show button each object appeared on click,
including the first);
•    resequencing animations using Change Order up and down buttons (result:
the effects are on the current animation sequence, not the sequence in which
the animations were first applied);
•    omitting bulleting, just use ordinary text boxes (same behaviour);
•    setting up a similar file in PowerPoint then opening it with Impress and
retrying tests (result: similar wrong behaviour on Play button; however correct
animation behaviour (each bullet on click) for Slide Show;
•    using animations other than Appear on click (I could not get timing to
work, all appearances were simultaneous);
•    instead of replicating a textbox, chose a slide layout with two text
objects already built in (same behaviour).

Suggested further follow-up tests:
•    try with different objects eg freehand lines;
•    uncheck the Automatic preview box;
•    call slide show from the menu rather than within Custom Animation;
•    try different slide layouts;
•    save Impress file as PowerPoint then try the animations from PowerPoint.

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