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Subject [Bug 119974] [From Symphony]Ellipse shape display too large in MS office after save odp file to ppt format file
Date Tue, 19 Jun 2012 07:59:08 GMT

WangZhe <> changed:

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--- Comment #3 from WangZhe <> ---
There are two issues about this defect.
<1>Ellipse shape becomes bigger
Root Cause:
this sample is created by odf version 1.1 app.
the enhanced path for ellipse is the command "U" or "Z", the parameter is (x y
w h t0 t1), it means that draws a segment of an ellipse. The ellipse is
specified by the center(x, y), the size(w, h) and the start-angle t0 in degrees
and end-angle t1 in degrees.
But in this odf(version 1.1) , w,h mean the diameter, in AOO3.4, it means the
radius, so the ellipse created by odf version 1.1 app will becomes 2 times in
Symphony Vienna.
2. Resolution:
In this case, the shape never use the default view box which is (0 0 21600
21600), but use (0 0 10000 10000). so if it is not the default view box, when
draw a segment of ellipse, set the w & h in the enhanced path to half.
While there is a special senaria that odf version 1.1 app open a ms file,and
saved it to odf file, because the ms filter use the preset shape design which
viewbox is (0 0 21600 21600), so when export to odf file, it use the default
viewbox, but the w, h in the U command parameters still means the diameter, so
should check if the shape is from ms shape, that is the value of draw:type is
started with "mso", and has the default viewbox, then set the w & h to half.

<2>Ellipse shape display too large in MS office after save odp file to ppt
format file 
Root Cause:
The custom shape ellipse viewbox width and height value in odf version 1.1 are
10000, in odf version 1.2 are 21600. For example, when AOO3.4 importing a
default ellipse object created by odf version 1.1 app, the ellipse default
viewbox value will be ingored and using 10000 as the the viewbox value to
compute. But the viewbox value in object model is not changed. So if saving the
ellipse to ppt or odp by AOO3.4, the viewbox value will be 10000, but other
values are based on 21600. 
If the ellipse is a default path object, but the viewbox value is not default
one, set default viewbox value to the ellipse object model when importing by

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