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Subject [Bug 119921] If docx document contain 1 column and 2 column on 1 page, conent can't load correctly
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2012 01:45:40 GMT

Kevin <> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Kevin <> ---
Successfully replicated the bug on: 06/13/2012
Version: Open Office 3.4.0
Build: AOO340m1 (Build: 9590) – Rev 1327774
Platform: Mac OS X 10.7.4
Using Microsoft Word 2011 for Mac
Bug #: 119921

By using the author’s attachment, it lead me to confirm that a crash can occur
when working with or near columns, but the columns alone do not produce the
crash. I tested the transition from Microsoft Word to Open Office with 2, 3, 4,
and 5 columns and it worked perfectly. My research indicates that the crash I
observed happens in a slightly different manner.  I found that columns do not
seem to be the direct cause of the failure but instead the failure is due to
the insertion of continuous breaks in certain places of the document. 

After modifying the original author’s attachment, I found plenty cases in order
to replicate the bug. I will provide two examples to replicate the bug. One
will be at it’s most simplest; the other will have more content. I will give
the precise steps for the simpler example and attach the longer example.

First Approach (Simplest):

1) Open Microsoft Office

2) Click on the “show all nonprinting characters” button located in the
standard menu, 5 buttons to the left from the question mark.

3) Click on the Layout tab

4) Click on Break and select Continuous Break

5) Type anything on the line under the break, leave enough space for a break to
be on the same line

6) Click on Break again and select Continuous Break. Make sure it is on the
same line you previously typed in

7) Save the document

8) Open the document with Open Office and it crashes

I made this replication very simple using two breaks and a line of text. I
realize that in a document this is not very insightful but my point is that
this is the core of making a well-presented document. Without using breaks, it
is difficult to format a document the way you want or need.

Follow-up Tests:
My suggestion for follow-up testing is to modify the place where the continuous
breaks are placed, how far apart are they placed from each other, how many are
present in the document while checking if this occurs with other versions of
word as well (for example: switch between docx and doc formats).

Customer Impact:
This bug would disappoint many users of Open Office because documents are
written with the intent to be visually attractive and breaks play a big role
towards attractiveness. Because of this bug, it would be impossible to open up
many word documents in Open Office and that is a critical function. As a user I
would be surprised, disappointed, and very frustrated to see my application
crash before it even opens.

Similar bugs:
After looking through the database, there seems to be another bug similar to
this one; the number is 119714. I believe they are related because the sample
attachment has columns and breaks, but most importantly it crashes when tried
to open. They potentially could be the same bug since both have breaks next to
each and the breaks have text along the same line.

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