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Subject [Bug 119903] Alternative text for form control can't import and export correctly in AOO.
Date Fri, 08 Jun 2012 09:33:19 GMT

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I will use "Description" other than "Title". Below is the discussion about this
Jianyuan Li
6月7日 (1 天前)

发送至 ooo-dev 
Hi, All,

In Excel 2003, for shape and form control, there is an attribute named "alt
text". But Aoo shape and form control do not have an attribute similar like it.
So when Aoo import them, this attribute will be omitted. And on exporting it as
an Excel 2003 file, this attribute will not be exported. So on opening the
export file in Excel 2003, incorrect attribute value will be shown. There is a
bug related to it:

To fix this issue, is there someone having a good solution? How about import
alt text as the title(in shape description dialog) in Aoo? And then export the
Aoo title as Excel 2007 alt text?

Oliver-Rainer Wittmann
6月7日 (1 天前)

发送至 ooo-dev 
I think it is a good idea to use the AOO's shape|form control attribute "title"
for the import and export of Microsoft Excel 2003 shape|form control attribute
"alt text".

Best regards, Oliver.

ZuoJun Chen 通过“”
6月7日 (1 天前)

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Hi, Jianyuan

    I think this problem may exist on  those documentation objects which
has alternative text or object description properties, such as Chart, OLE,
Fontwork, etc. Currently the import filter does not parse alt text, The
solution that import alt text as the title sounds good to me:)

Armin Le Grand 通过“”
1:17 (16 小时前)

发送至 ooo-dev 
       Hi Jianyuan Li,

On 07.06.2012 10:08, Jianyuan Li wrote:
There are 'Title', 'Description' and 'Name' properties for each shape. "alt
text" sounds more like many lines, so I would suggest to use 'Description' for
it, maybe there is also a good fit for 'Title'. The property 'Name' should be a
short string and is shown in the navigator, maybe also a good candidate to add
something useful.



Jianyuan Li
16:03 (1 小时前)

发送至 ooo-dev 
Thanks for everyone.
I will use "Description" for Alt text because Alt text allow multiple lines
which are supported by "Description" other than "Title". I have tried with
"Title", multiple lines will become as one line with return removed after

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