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Subject [Bug 119869] [From Symphony]Several paragraphs become to one after saving doc to another one.
Date Fri, 08 Jun 2012 02:56:51 GMT

--- Comment #1 from ---
Because the sample has confidential issue, I can not upload it here. But I
repoduced the defect as following steps:

1. Open MS office 2003 word, new a word.
2. Do the following operations: input "test" in the edit area, press "Enter"
button, press "Enter" button, input "test" in the edit area.
After these operations, there are 3 paragraphs in the document(The second
paragraph only has a paragraph separator). 
3. Choose menu "View->Show Paragraph Marks", and you will see the text like the
sceenshot: original text.png.
4. Choose the second paragraph, right click it, choose "Font...". "Font" dialog
pop up. In the "Font" tab, "Effects" section, check "Hidden". Then click OK on
the "Font" dialog. After that, you will see the second paragraph disappear.
5. Save this file as test.doc.
6. Open the saved doc file by AOO3.4, saved it to another doc file without
modification, say test_aoo.doc.
7. Open the file "test_aoo.doc" by MS office 2003. You will see the text like
the screenshot: saved by aoo.png.
8. Choose menu "Tools->Options...", "Options" dialog pop up. In "View" tab,
"Formatting marks" section, check "Hidden text". Then click OK to close this
dialog. You will see the second dialog again.
9. Choose the first paragraph mark, right click it and choose "Font...". In
"Effect" section, the "Hidden" is checked.

So I think the problem is:
When some paragraph marks are set as hidden text. AOO3.4 will change the
paragraph mark befort the hidden paragraph marks as "hidden" too.

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