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Subject [Bug 119765] Group objects are gone when opening docx file in AOO3.4.
Date Wed, 13 Jun 2012 17:21:09 GMT

Rob <> changed:

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--- Comment #7 from Rob <> ---
Product: Open Office Word Processor – Write
Date of Test: 6/12/2012
Type of Test: Replication of Authors Test
Version: Open Office Version: 3.4.0
AOO340m1(Build:9590) – Rev 1327774
Platform: Windows 7 Home Premium

Bug 119765 - Group objects are gone when opening docx file in AOO3.4.

Description:  The original finder of this bug demonstrates to us that when a
file is created in Microsoft Word that includes grouped object such as vector
art there is a problem with this grouped object appearing in the Open Office
Write document.  The effect is that when the Word Document, which was saved by
Microsoft Word 2010, is opened in Open Office Write the grouped artwork or
objects are missing from the document.  

By following the steps of the author and using the author’s original file, I
was able to reproduce the bug indicated.  The author used MS Word 2007 and I
used MS Word 2010 and had the same result.

Following up on the authors work I was able to create my own original file and
reproduce the same issue.

The Steps I took were the following:

1.) Opened Microsoft Word 2010.

2.) Created a Blue Rectangle Object.

3.) Created a Green Circle Object overlapping the Blue Rectangle.

4.) Created an Orange Arrow Object overlapping the Green Circle Object.

5.) Within Microsoft word 2010 I grouped these objects together.  It may be
important to note that these objects appeared in what Microsoft called a
“Canvas”.  Inside the “Canvas” I grouped the objects together.

6.) I saved the files as: “GroupedObjectsDoc3.docx”

7.) I right clicked on the file, on my desktop, and selected “Open with
OpenOffice Write”

8.) After the file loads, in Open Office Write, there appears to be nothing in
it.  There is no object present that was originally present in the Microsoft
Word 2010 document.

9.) Even though the file looks empty I saved the file in Open Office Write
format if the file can provide any clues.  The file name is:

My own experiment reproduced the bug as the author indicated.  Attached are my 

File 1: The original MS Word 2010 Docx file: GroupedObjectsDoc3.docx
File 2: The opened File I saved within Open Office Write where the image is
missing: GroupedObjectsDoc3.odt
File 3: JPG of what the file should contain as a grouped art work objects:

File 4:  Same as file 1, but saved as a MS Word 97-2003 doc file instead of
docx file: GroupedObjectsDoc3.doc

Additional Test:
I Took the file I created: GroupedObjectsDoc3.docx and saved it as an older
format MS Word 97-2003 GroupedObjectsDoc3.doc.  I opened this file in Open
Office Write and it was correct.  The image was present within the file and it
could be un-grouped.

Follow up tests:
Suggested follow up tests can include testing different save formats of MS Word
and seeing which ones open correctly within Open Office Write.  

I speculate that this bug has something to do with how Microsoft Word 2010 &
2007 saves a .docx file.  Perhaps new tags were introduced into the MS Word
2010 & 2007 that Open Office Write does not recognize.  

Effects on Users:
This particular bug would be very disappointing for users who are accustomed to
creating their own artwork and objects to convey ideas and issues in documents
that they create.  This bug indicates that if I made a document in Microsoft
Word where I dismantled clip art and regrouped it, then the new art I create
may not show up in Open Office Write.  As a user I would be frustrated with
this occurrence. 

Similar Bug:
This bug is very similar to a confirmed bug, bug 119284 where picture and
content are lost when one opens a .docx file in Open Office Write.  I feel this
bug is related because it is using the same file extension .docx and the image
is clearly missing when you open the file.  It may have to do with how MS Word
is handling graphic types

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