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Subject [Bug 119565] [From Symphony] The SUM formula result changed incorrectly if save the .xls doc to .ods one.
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2012 11:35:05 GMT

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(In reply to comment #3)
> Please have a look at issue 25769. It seems, that it describes the same
> problem.
> (In reply to comment #2)
> > Chart series formula still uses ";" as union operator.
> The accepted syntax in the fields in the chart data dialog is different from
> this problem. When improving the Calc DataProvider the issue 64604 should be
> considered too.
> Please do not confuse the union operator with a sequence of ranges.

Issue 25769 and 64604 focused on core function. Here my focus is MS Office 2003
filter. Below is my root cause analysis and resolution. Please take a look.
Root cause:
Per ODF version 1.2, union operator has been changed from ";" to "~". But
current AOO 2003 import filter for formula still uses ";". This defect caused
by MS Office 2003 import. For the "SUM" function in attachment, it seems that
the formula is imported correctly in the first step but actually it is not.
Because for "SUM" function, the same result will be got by SUM(A1:A2;A3:A4) and
SUM(A1:A2~A3:A4). The first one is two parameters. The second one is one
parameter with union.
For range name, cell formula and array formula, use "~" for union when import.
For chart series formula, use ";" for union when import. From filter point,
chart series formula is the same as other formulas. Here is a chart series
formula in MS Office Excel 2003
"Sheet1!$A$3:$B$3,Sheet1!$D$3:$E$3" is a union reference.

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