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Subject [Bug 119366] Can't remove password from file (regression)
Date Mon, 25 Jun 2012 08:19:23 GMT

--- Comment #7 from zhengfan <> ---
This issue was solved.

In general, this is a setting confusion issue. In current saving process, both
SID_ENCRYPTIONDATA and SID_PASSWORD are working for setting password on a
Refer to the SfxObjectShell::ExecFile_Impl() in file
SRC/sfx2/source/doc/objserv.cxx:line 595-599 please.
And, as what we imagine, after doing the file dialog executing with deselecting
the check box of "Save with password", the result parameter set, which is to
customize saving process, wont record said 2 SID inside anymore, for indicating
that the following saving process will not concern about the password stuff
But when performing the exact preparation SaveAs process in
SfxobjectShell::PreDoSaveAs_impl(), only the the default SID_PASSWORD was
cleared, but  SID_ENCRYPTIONDATA  was not. The issue happens.

For solving it, we just simply add the item SID_ENCRYPTIONDATA  clearing in 
SfxobjectShell::PreDoSaveAs_impl(), similar as the SID_PASSWORD.

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