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Subject [Bug 119302] spellcheck doesn't work
Date Wed, 27 Jun 2012 02:30:55 GMT

--- Comment #15 from Ariel Constenla-Haile <> ---
(In reply to comment #14)
> I downloaded the program as an "update" from my old version of OO. Within
> minutes I had gone from a perfectly working copy of software with full
> dictionary and thesaurus support to this new, improved version with zero
> spell check capability and no thesaurus. 

I understand this is rather frustrating, but the spell check capability is
present, it happens that you don't have any dictionary extension installed.

> What I would really like is to have my 'old' version back and trash the new
> and improved Apache version. 

You will have to remove this version, and install the older back. I'd suggest
you also remove your user profile.

> As for not having any dictionaries selected?
> Three of the four are selected at Options > Languages > Writing Aids >
> User-Defined Dictionaries.

The User-Defined Dictionaries will not work for Thesaurus/Spell checking, you
need to install dictionary extensions.

The fact that you don't have any dictionary extension at all shows something
went wrong during the installation, because AOO 3.4.0 installs 4 English
dictionary extensions.

If your installation isn't completely broken, the solution may be as simple as
installing any extension:

- download the English dictionary extension:
- Go to the menu "Tools" - "Extension Manager..."
- In the Extension Manager press the button "Add...", a file dialog will show
- in the file dialog, browse to the folder where you stored the extension, and
select the dictionary extension
- the installation of the extension will start
- close OpenOffice (including the Quickstarter icon on the system tray)
- Start OpenOffice again, spell checking and thesaurus should work

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