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Subject [Bug 119272] user directory file size grows to 160mb due to bundled extensions
Date Wed, 13 Jun 2012 16:13:43 GMT

--- Comment #11 from Andre <> ---
One technical part of installing extensions system wide is the following code
snippet.  It starts unopkg.exe with elevated access rights:

HINSTANCE nResult (ShellExecute(

For operating systems other than Windows we will need other solutions.

But the main problem is how to convince the user/admin to type in her password.
 Just to recap, here is how the installation process could work with shared

1. Admin installs office (a user without admin rights can not elevate his
access rights high enough to install anything).  During the installation she is
asked for her password to allow the installer to write into system directories
(c:\Program Files or /usr/bin etc).  It is operating system dependent of who
does the asking, on Windows it is our installer, on Linux the package

2. Office is started for the first time.  Only at this stage we can install
extensions (no installer on Mac, legal restrictions).  In order to install them
shared for all users we need elevated access rights a second time. 
Inconvenient but better then user install because of $TITLE.

3. Now the new part.  Initiate the shared installation somewhere in the desktop
module, where the user installation is started today.  Show a dialog that tells
the user that we are about to ask for his password, again, in order to install
the extensions, and save his disk space.  On his OK make a call like the one
above which will result in the desktop code executed in another process with
elevated rights.  Install the extensions.

4. Everybody is happy.

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