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Subject [Bug 119013] Microsoft Word 2010 document margin and table issue when rendered in OpenOffice 3.2/3.3
Date Sat, 23 Jun 2012 01:04:12 GMT

Saranya <> changed:

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--- Comment #13 from Saranya <> ---

Product: Open Office Word Processor 
Date of Test: 06/22/2012
Version: Open Office Version: 3.4.0
AOO340m1(Build:9590) – Rev 1327774
Platform: Windows 7 Home Premium – 64 bit


The original report describes that if a Microsoft word files (docx) which
contains tables, when opened with Open Office, layout of tables and table cell
are different, from the original Microsoft word. Also error is same when the
Open office file is exported as a pdf file. However I created and used a sample
file “document1.docx” to perform the test.

I followed the below steps in replicating the bug,

Step 1: I created and saved a “document1.docx” which contains tables 

Step 2: The table is similar as the author did (i.e.) 2(rows) x 6(columns) with
Tahoma font style

Step 3: After saving the “document1.docx”. I open the file with Open office and
I could see the table layout was different from the original “document1.doxc”. 

Step 4: I saved the open office as “documnet1.odt” to see the file can provide
any information’s.

Step 5: As per the author. Even I exported both the “document1.docx” and
“document1.odt” to pdf format and saved as “document1_docx.pdf” and
“document1_odt.pdf” respectively.

Step 6: When I compared both the pdf files “document1_docx.pdf” and
“document1_odt.pdf” I could see the same error as I said in step 3(i.e.) layout
were different. 

Apart from original authors comments on table issue when I opened
“document1.docx” with Open office, I also found another issue (i.e.) table
borders are changing. Even though I created 2*6 table as author did which had
“bottom boarder”, I also created three more tables each with different
dimension and all are made as “all boarders” and  when I opened with open
office I could find all the table borders are filled with “NO border” option
which is different from what I gave in “document1.docx”.

Follow up Test:

I took the file 1 “document1.docx” and open it in lower version of Microsoft
word 97-2003 and saved the document as “document2.doc” it appears to be same as
I created in original “document1.docx”.
Further I opened the “document2.doc” in Open office I found the tables were
correct as the original and saved the Open office file as “document2.odt”.

I have attached the sample files which I used for test.

File 1: “document1.docx”
File 2 “document1.odt
File 3: “document1_docx.pdf”
File 4: “document1_odt.pdf”
File 5: “document2.doc”
File 6: “document2.odt”


When I tried opening the document from Ms word 97-2003 to open office it
appears to be correct. So I speculate that some added features in MS word 2010
could not be read correctly by Open office.

Importance of bug:

Tables are used in many places to make the document looks better and visually
interesting like advertisements, resume etc.

For example: A person creating a resume using MS word for applying a job in
company and if he uses the table to express his traits in his resume such as
his academic score, technical skills, extra-curricular activities etc. If a
manager reads it through Open office, the resume will look differently which
may create an erroneous impression on that candidate and that person might end
up in losing the opportunity. As a user I will be disappointed with this

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