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Subject [Bug 118906] Support system libraries for apr, apr-util, serf, coinmp.
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2012 06:59:46 GMT

--- Comment #5 from Pedro Giffuni <> ---
Hi Andre;

To be honest, all I did was to review the lp_solve removal and adapt it to
coinmp. The tests for Ubunto were there, along with an attempt to grok a
function in the library. I think we can leave them out and wait for someone
with Ubuntu to complain ;).

Concerning the check, Lp_solve seemed to take the decision in calc/
I am unsure if I shouldve used an "else" there. Further checks are certainly
better but I couldnt find them in the deprecated lp_solve.

The patch is still untested: I have to do other changes in for
binary blobs and I am yet undecided how to go around testing all of it since
builds take so long.

Once its done, this patch should also be a good guideline to do the same with
apr and serf, of course.

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