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Subject [Bug 118633] Text indent works wrongly with large value in a large text box
Date Sat, 16 Jun 2012 06:27:08 GMT

zzmolnar <> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from zzmolnar <> ---
I managed to reproduce the bug on the following environment:

OS: Linux, Ubuntu 12.04 64bit, kernel 3.2.0-24-generic
SW: OpenOffice, AOO340m1 (Build:9590) - Rev. 1327774

Reproduction steps:

1. Create a new presentation. 
   !NOTE!: An empty page with two text boxes appear.

2) Turn on the 'Ruler' in the 'View' menu -if it is not selected yet- for
better observability.

3) Set the size of the page width to 70".
   (Click on 'Format' menu, select 'Page', set 'Width' to 70", click OK.)
   !NOTE!: The width of the two text boxes is changed to 63".

4) Enter text to the bigger text box.
   (Click on the text box, set the text style to justified by pressing CTRL+J,
and type in at least two lines of text.)

5) Indent the typed text with 40".
   (Press CTRL+A for text selection, click on 'Format' menu, select
'Paragraph'. Set 'Indent' / 'Before text' to a value greater than 39.37".
   !NOTE!: The actual indentation of the paragraph is incorrect.
   !NOTE!: 'Before text' value is reset to 39.37".

6) Re-indent the text to a value, not greater than 25".
   !NOTE!: The actual indentation of the paragrap is correct.
   !NOTE!: 'Before text' shows correct value.

Additional observation:

I found that incorrect indentation itself can already be achieved once one
indents the paragraph with greater than 25.80". However the failure appearance
(behavior of ) is slightly different, 'Before text' box shows correct value at
recheck until it was set greater than 39.37". Just do the following:

*) Repeat steps 1-4 as above.
5) Indent the typed text with a value, greater than 25.80" but smaller than
   !NOTE!: The actual indentation of the paragraph is incorrect.
   !NOTE!: 'Before text' value still shows the value we set.

Guess of the underlying fault:

I made a couple of tests and realized by checking the values of Ruler, that the
paragraph is indented to the reminder of division of 'Before text' value by
that 25.80.

If 'Before text' is set to 100", as a result the paragraph is indented to
And 100" = (3 x 25.80") + 22.60"

Based on this fact, I assume the cause of incorrect indentation is the overflow
of some variable that is assigned to the 'Before text' box.

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