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Subject [Bug 118024] UNDO in Impress does not work properly
Date Sat, 16 Jun 2012 14:15:17 GMT

Perze Ababa <> changed:

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--- Comment #7 from Perze Ababa <> ---
I was able to reproduce the issue using the steps as mentioned by the creator
of the issue. I used the following configuration and versions for the
replication and my follow-up tests.

Platform used to replicate: Mac OS 10.6.8
Powerpoint Version: 14.2.1 build 120420 for Mac 2011
Apache Open Office Version: 3.4.0 AOO340m1(Build:9590) - Rev. 1325589

Steps used to Reproduce:

1. Launch Open Office
2. Create a New presentation
3. Select Empty Presentation
4. Click on the create button
5. Wait for the empty presentation slide to show up
6. Click on the “Click to add text” box
7. type  “asdf”, press [Enter] key
8. type  “asdf”, press [Enter] key
9. type  “asdf”, press [Enter] key
10. type  “asdf”, press [Enter] key
11. use the undo command 4 times using (ctrl-z for pc or cmd-z for mac),
alternatively you can also execute this by selecting the edit menu and choosing
the undo option (4 times)
12. after ‘undo’-ing 4 times the expected result should display a blank canvas
but it doesn’t. Instead, it shows “asdfasdfasdfasdf”

Here’s a link of a screencast that reproduces the problem:

Other Notes:

As you can see, instead of reverting back to a blank slate, the typed text
remains and doesn’t get reverted to its original blank state. As follow up
tests, I wanted to see how other Open Office products behave under the same
condition. So, I chose the Spreadsheet and the Text Document App. Basically
following the same steps as above, instead of using the [Enter] key as
delimiter between strings, i used the [space] key mainly for convenience
reasons with the spreadsheet app. You will notice that each app behaves
differently and the spreadsheets app displays the erroneous behavior while the
Text Document app behaves closest to our ideal behavior. See linked screencasts
for each application.

Open Office Spreadsheet:
Open Office Text Document:

As a Final Follow Up test I also wanted to check how a competing product
behaves under the same condition. I’ve chosen Microsoft Power Point since that
is what I conveniently have. Same steps, but you’ll see that Powerpoint cleanly
reverts back to its original blank state. Please see see the linked screencast.

Microsoft Powerpoint:

>From the above tests, I can clearly deduce that the issue is with the function
that handles and tracks the data that can be used for the undo function. In a
real world scenario the undo button might not even be that important but it’s
there for a reason and it should work. I believe we have enough proof to show
that it doesn’t work in this version of Impress and even in Spreadsheets. We
have proof that this functionality works in Microsoft Powerpoint and I am in
good knowledge to say that this also works in Google Documents Presentation
software as well.

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