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Subject [Bug 110031] Replace automaticly string to date, and cannot switch it off
Date Fri, 15 Jun 2012 00:51:02 GMT

--- Comment #2 from ---
I have the same (or related/similar?) problem in my English version OOO320m12
Build 9483.

Account numbers of the format "n-mmmm" (e.g. 1-1110 for Cheque Account) are
changed to dates.

I attach two files as a test rig:

Sheet 1 "Entered Data": The original spread sheet created with account numbers
in a column, with cell format of "text". The remainder are account name
(number), credits and debits and balance columns (all currency).

This is a csv export of sheet1 of the above ods, with text delimiter set to
nothing, i.e. no quotes. Done so, since this is the format, in which my
accounting s/w spits out the data.

Back to Bug110031.ods
Sheet 2 ("ExternalDataReferenced") is full of cells, referencing the data in
the csv. This is the problematic sheet.

There are several scenarios having this sheet behaving in different ways:

1. If I open Bug110031.csv with oooCalc and leave all settings at default =>
account numbers are changed to dates

2. If I open Bug110031.csv with oooCalc and change the first column's format to
"text" in the csv import dialog => account numbers remain as per original data

3. If I first open Bug110031.csv as per point 1. and then open Bug110031.ods =>
*.ods changes my account numbers to dates.

4. If I first open Bug110031.csv as per point 2. and then open Bug110031.ods =>
*.ods shows account numbers as account numbers.

5. If I open Bug110031.ods before or without Bug110031.csv being open =>
*.ods behaves as per 3., i.e. changes my account numbers into dates.

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