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Subject [Bug 108952] add to custom show list ,then hide all pages at custom show ,finally play it ,program crash
Date Fri, 15 Jun 2012 20:54:42 GMT

mgaertne <> changed:

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--- Comment #17 from mgaertne <> ---
I was able to reproduce the bug on this configuration:
Apple Mac OS X Version 10.7.4
2.66 GHz Intel Core i7, 8GB Memory Version 3.4.0 (AOO340m1 (Build 9590)) - Rev. 1327774

I tried to use the reproduction steps from the initial comment. With the hints
from comment 11. I won't repeat them here.

I was able to reproduce the issue several times. Here are the critical steps
that I identified:
1. Create a new presentation or open/import an existing one.
2. Make sure you have at least two slides in your presentation.
3. Hide one of the slides (using the menu, the slide sorter or the icon while
hovering over does not matter).
4. Navigate to menu "Slide Show" -> "Custom Slide Show"
5. Create a new "Custom Slide Show", put just the hidden slide in there, and
check the box to use the custom slide show.
6. Start the presentation (via Start in the Custom Slide Show dialog, via F5 or
via any other mechanism does not matter).

The screen flashed for me to black for a fraction of a second, then Impress crashed.

Based on the follow-up tests that I ran the critical conditions seem to be that
you have all slides in your custom slide show hidden, and you have at least one
unhidden slide that is not part of the custom slide show. This will enable
keyboard shortcut F5 to start the presentation. This action then probably does
not find any slide that it can display, and makes the application crash. This
is my interpretation of the blinking black screen that I noticed while coming
up with follow-up tests.

I could not reproduce the crash when I had all slides set to hidden in the
presentation as the F5 shortcut was then disabled and I could not start the
presentation at all. I suspect a dependency on whether or not the menu
item/shortcut (F5) is disabled. I think the validation for disabling the menu
item does not include custom slide shows.

Regarding the business impact, from time to time I am myself a conference
presenter. As such, I think that I wouldn't run custom slide shows with all
hidden slides too often. This could be a mis-use of the application, but a user
could accidentally run into this condition, and the application at that point
should not crash, as unsaved changes will be lost afterwards, even after
recovering the data during the next startup.

I suggest to change the bug summary line the following:
“Presenting a custom slide show with all slides hidden crashes Impress”

I recorded my actions and uploaded them to youtube while I was on my Mac. You
can see the two videos here:

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