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Subject [Bug 3959] Outline View (aka MS Word)
Date Sat, 26 May 2012 16:37:24 GMT

--- Comment #169 from ---
I am VERY happy to see this feature request getting so much activity -- does
anyone know if the Apache team who's responsible for development reads this
forum?  I'll keep watching this thread & hoping that they do...  

A previous poster (Susan - - and the two
afterward, seem to think that it's only for "serious" writers, or those working
on long documents.  Perhaps they have some research to back that up, but to my
point of view that's a mute point.  

I believe that a well-integrated outlining feature COULD be useful to a
majority of users, and WOULD be used on a majority of writing tasks IF IT WERE
well-integrated.  The #1 sole metric of a good integration is EASE OF USE.  

Take MS Word (Office 2003).  I am writing a white paper, and use Word for the
one and only reason that it has outlining embedded.  Here's the problem,
though:  while viewing the outline, I scroll to a section which capture's my
attention, place my cursor at that point in the document's outline, switch back
to 'Normal' mode to add my thoughts and VOILA - my document is auto-incorrectly
scrolled to somewhere else completely unrelated within the document!  Now, I'm
an outline-addict, so I put up with this stupid behavior.  But if it were
well-integrated, well-thought out, bug free, etc etc etc...

Come on Apache developers, someone take the baton, please...

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