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Subject [Bug 3959] Outline View (aka MS Word)
Date Sat, 26 May 2012 23:48:18 GMT

--- Comment #171 from lllactive <> ---;

You may be right that more and more people are using the outliners. I saw that
in our schools the kids are now taught mindmaps and outlining quite early
already. Most normal users I ask are mystified at the question whether they use
outlining tools. I am always selling the idea of using outliners to my kid's
friends and other friends. As most use M$, they are surprised that such a
useful tool is imbedded into Word. Mac users normally use either Pages '09 or
Omnioutliner, only two of quite a few.

I do not want to be pessimistic, but is the Apache team a different team to the
OOo team? All moved with the takeover. There are, however, some signs of life
at LibreOffice, a completely new team  I think. I presume some come from the
OOo developer team when it branched from OOo, but probably some new developers
came on board LO, having an ear for this valuable utility. 

I have moved on to a MacBook workstation, using Linux only for servers now. I
am sure that the desktop Linux will remain a minute small percentage due to the
distro desktop disasters of KDE 3 to 4, Gnome 2 to 3 and now also Unity. They
just scare off users; forcing them to adapt to a new environment every 8 to 12
months. Windows will remain the office and home user desktops in the
foreseeable future. OOo and LO will still have to get the Outliner utility if
it wants to compete with Word on the Windows market. I left M$ a decade ago,
but still used Word till 2009 with wine and VirtualBox on OpenSuse. Using Mac
is such a pleasure and I come to long for the days I had to fight with the OS
to be productive. Using Darwin with X-code and Mac Ports has revived the
pleasure of just playing around with some Linux things like OpenSource and
administrate my Linux servers.

So I think the outline utility is sorely needed if OOo, LO and the others want
to make any dent into M$ office user base. I've used Writer and Calc quite a
bit in the last 5 years on Linux. I will look at LO on Mac from now on, because
OpenSource on Mac is also up and coming. Writer should look closely at Apple's
Pages '09 and the other iWork apps. It is not that expensive (79 Euro) for the
whole package, but smoother and cleaner than M$-Office. Don't just copy
M$-Office, make something better and more productive than all the eye candy of

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