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Subject [Bug 119411] [RDF] Read/write RDF support on ODS file format
Date Fri, 25 May 2012 13:25:54 GMT

--- Comment #2 from hanya <> ---
Created attachment 77600
Document including test macro

(In reply to comment #1)
> Very nice feature :)
> Can you please upload some macro or script to test the feature?
Sorry, I forgot to attach test file. 

Open attached file, there are three buttons on the spreadsheet. 
- Push "Store" button, it stores values from Sheet1.A1 and A2 in rdf file.
Store the document through File - Save.
- Push "Read" button, it reads values from RDF file, it should be shown like: 
Sheet1.A1:value:100 \n Sheet1.A1:value:ABC for initial state of the sheet. 
The order of these values are not important.
- In the ods document, user defined RDF file should be placed in the place
specified by addMetadataFile method. 
In this macro, it should be stored in mytools_calc_watchingwindow/settings.rdf.
- Push "Remove" button to remove RDF file created by this macro. Store the
document from File - Save. The rdf file should be gone from the ods file.

And manifest.rdf file is created by the office. It can be seen in ODT file now
The attached macro can be executed on Writer document and it stores same value
in rdf. RDF file should be stored in the same path in the odf file.

And also, I used this function in my WatchingWindow extension recently

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