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Subject [Bug 119398] MediaWiki Feature Upgrades
Date Mon, 21 May 2012 21:08:14 GMT

T. J. Frazier <> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
                 CC|                            |

--- Comment #1 from T. J. Frazier <> ---
*Math extension:
Please note that the math syntax was (supposed to be) supported internally
until MW version 1.18, and we are running 1.15.5. However, the transition from
internal to extension was underway at this point. I'm reasonably sure we are
seeing a bug here, rather than merely missing the extension; a bug which
probably was fixed somewhere between 1.15.5 and 1.18.
If we upgrade to 1.18 or higher, we definitely want to add the Math extension.

*Upgrade Caution:
Both Terry and Clayton warned about MW tables labelled as "Latin1" but actually
containing UTF-8 data. A little MySQL magic supposedly can fix this fairly
easily, but if it isn't done, we would be badly hosed when coming up on the
newer version.

Some adjustment is required to prevent ATS from serving up stale pages.

*IDL Tags extension (locally written):
According to Clayton Cornell, the "documented source" code was not properly
updated when the <idlml> tag processing was added. As now installed, the
extension does not process <idlml>, but we may be able to recover the proper
C writes, "... if you've got any Wiki engine history still hanging
around, you or I may be able to rescue the <idlml> tag coding.  When I
was maintaining the Wiki backend, I usually kept older copies of the
wiki engine around in the tree just in case I needed anything after an
upgrade/update.  Stuff sometimes fell off after upgrading.  There was
a "backup" directory (in the root not in the Wiki tree though... so
maybe it's been lost?) and I also kept a second directory in the Wiki
tree with the previous version of the Wiki engine... which would
include an older version of the extension."

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