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Subject [Bug 119337] xlsx import with chart is not displayed
Date Fri, 25 May 2012 16:37:52 GMT

--- Comment #15 from Armin Le Grand <> ---
ALG: To check I have changed the getPropertyValue call in unoshap4.cxx:470 to
explicitely calling the SvxShape implementation. This did not work, I also had
to do this with the setPropertyValue call in line 501. With both adapted it
works on the mac, the chart gets displayed.
It seems as if the standard to call the SvxShape implementation by default has
changed on the mac, probably by using a newer xcode compiler than with the
3.4beta version. Thus, one solution would be to compile with the compiler
version used at that time.
This is no good solution, though. Explicit calls are also not, it will just fix
this single symptom but not the changed calling order of multiple inherited
virtual functions on the mac. It may be a known problem/change on the mac xcode
compiler, I will have to investigate. Maybe there is a compiler switch
available to turn the behaviour to the original one.
Still no good solution. All multiple derivated functions would have to be
overloaded at the class where they lead to multiple derivation and in the
implementation the correct one (which is not even clear) would have to be
called. This seems to have been (and is except on the mac) the first class
given in the declaration (here this is class SVX_DLLPUBLIC SvxShapeText :
public SvxShape, public SvxUnoTextBase). I also need to find out if this is C++
standard and if the mac behaviour is an error.

Does someone have a simple and safe solution?

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