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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 3395] Reveal formatting codes
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2012 17:29:38 GMT

--- Comment #158 from orcmid <> 2012-04-17 17:29:38 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #157)
> (In reply to comment #155)
> > The 2010-02-19 "Explanation of RC Alternative" attachment does explain the
> > situation quite well.  It misses the case that ODF <text:span> elements can
> > nested and that one must somehow deal with inheritance happening in styles.
> > 
> Could you please indicate how to nest these things? Or is it only possible
> through hacking the XML files? Through my own investigations every change makes
> a new style (be that a user defined style or an automatic style), but no-where
> does the ODF implementation allow for nested tags inside the text. If it was
> possible RC would become a breeze to implement (in comparison to now at least).
[ ... ]
Let us not confuse how the ODF format is defined versus what any given
ODF-supporting producer uses of the format.  So long as ODF is properly
consumed, it is not necessary for an implementation to produce the same
document exactly the same way.  (This has potential usability concerns when the
document is being worked on collaboratively, but the ODF specification does not
address that, just the format.)

It is too late to argue the choice of XML and many XML-allied standards as a
foundation for the OpenDocument Format.  Note that ISO/IEC IS 29500 for OOXML
also uses XML and a form of Zip packaging (OPC) as a foundation, although OOXML
is more run-oriented than the stricter hierarchical nature of ODF.  It is all
done with XML though.

I find it interesting that programs tend to create flat
switching among automatically-created anonymous styles within a paragraph or
heading, without any tendency to do <text:span> nesting.  That does not mean it
is difficult to translate. 3.3 accepts WPD files and produces
ODT files in its way of styling.  WordPerfect X5, I see, accepts the ODT file
and after conversion manages to place it in its format structure, as can be
seen in the Reveal Codes of the ODT->WPD conversion.

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