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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 119217] AOO 3.4 r1309668 Windows Readme inaccurate/inconsistent
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2012 03:59:22 GMT

--- Comment #1 from orcmid <> 2012-04-23 03:59:22 UTC ---
I have compared the Windows x86 en-US install of Apache OpenOffice (incubating)
3.4.0 rc1 (r1327774).  Double checking against the previously-reported

I confirmed that each of them has six readme files.  I also found NOTICE.txt
and LICENSE.txt in an unexpected place.  Here is the structure:


All six of the readme files have the same text.  They are unchanged between
r1309668 and rc1.

Nowhere in this hierarchy (especially in readme files) are the locations of
LICENSE.txt and NOTICE.txt provided.  In particular, they are not mentioned nor
located in the application Help | About ... dialog.

Although the text of the readme files is unchanged, there are may links to web
locations.  I reviewed them again to see if there is any change with respect to
the description of this issue.

Using the HTML versions:

 1. The welcome page that is referenced is still about Linux.  It is also
self-referential (linking to itself for latest updates of itself.)

 2a. I missed this the first time.  At the end of "Is really
free for any user?" the link seems to
confuse license to the pages of the site versus licenses related to the code. 
There is no reference to LICENSE or NOTICE that might be applicable here.

 8-11.  There is a little tweaking of the links and the locations, but the
result is still baffling.

13. The link to Get Involved is an improvement, though still at instead of the site.

17a.  Small typo: the word "whihc" should be "which".  I automatically
corrected it in note 17 of the original description.  

All other observations apply to RC1 exactly as to r1309668.

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