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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 119150] New: Footer Styles Not allow different pages: I.e. No page number only on the first page.
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2012 21:41:21 GMT

             Bug #: 119150
        Issue Type: DEFECT
           Summary: Footer Styles Not allow different pages: I.e. No page
                    number only on the first page.
    Classification: Application
           Product: Word processor
           Version: OOo 3.3
          Platform: PC
        OS/Version: Windows, all
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P3
         Component: formatting

Created attachment 77386
Sample of the footer style problem

Open Office Version: (OpenOffice Version 3.3.0, Build:9567)
Open Office Language: English (USA)
Operating System: Windows XP Professional (and probably other Microsoft
Operating Systems)

It is not possible for the first page to have different footer information than
the other pages.  I would like to have page numbers on all pages accept the
first page where my document title is.  Currently, there is not a clear way to
do this.  Unless, there is a feature I am unaware of different footer
information is impossible in the current English Version.  

This bug (or enhancement) applies when trying to insert different footer
information on the first page of a document.  I assume the "First Page" style
was intended for this purpose but it does not work for the first page.  (Note:
this "First Page" style can be accessed from the Insert menu: Insert>Manual
Break...> Page Break>"style")  Currently, the "First Page" style only allows
different footer information on one page and it cannot be on the first page. 
Rather it allows one page to have "First Page" style only if the remaining
pages before and after use the "default" style.  Thus, the "First Page" style
is almost useless.  

This bug seems related to the footer feature.  (i.e. Insert> Footer>" ")  The
footer feature allows for inserting of page numbers and number of pages in the
footer along with other information.  Ideally, this option would allow for
similar information to be duplicated on many pages in succession with the
option for special footer information on some pages. (The first page is one
example where special footer information would apply.)  In the current English
version (OpenOffice Version 3.3.0, Build:9567) special footer formatting only
works when a style other than "default" is applied to the page.  Several page
formatting options are found in the "insert break" dialog box. (i.e.
Insert>Manual Break>Page Break> "style type")  I have only used the "Default"
and "First Page" styles.  When a document is open the style for the current
page appears at the lower left of the window.  It appears between the page
number, (i.e. Page 1/2) and the language. (for example "English (USA)")

The Writer should allow for different formatting of the footers.  Microsoft
Word 97 allows for setting the footer information to "same as previous" in the
"Header and Footer" dialog box.  This allows for carrying over the format of
the previous page or using different footer formatting specific to the current

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