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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 119123] Openoffice Draw always import SVG with merged layers
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2012 10:22:49 GMT

--- Comment #9 from Armin Le Grand <> 2012-03-27 10:22:49 UTC ---
ALG: Thanks sorath for your comments. Something similar could be implemented,
but I would not prefer it. While Inkscape IS a SVG-editor it of course should
present opened SVG in editable form (that's it's purpose).
An office package is different; the SVG is embedded in a GraphicObject, exactly
the same as a pixel graphic, e.g jpg format. It also would be nice to be able
to paint on that pixel graphic, but is that expected from an office package?
The same is true for SVG, it gets embedded into your document. The goal is to
use it for your document, but as far as possible not to change the original
data. When converting it at import time, it could e.g. not be cleanly saved as
SVG inside the ODF.
Thus, the Break command is there to convert it to DrawObjects, the graphic
elements used natively inside the office. That conversion is in the optimal
case losless (it is currently not as described in #119125#). Saving this again
as SVG will not lead to a SVG file with identical content to what you initially

Back to your report: I understand it in a way that you would prefer to have a
hierarchy of grouped objects when breaking SVG. Annotation: In SVG groups are
used and could be used when breaking up to represent that, but from my POV not
urgently needed. What seems clear: You do NOT talk about the 'Layers' feature
as it is present in Draw as it seems, but about grouping. Is that correct?

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