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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 119117] 3.3.0 Writer/note character insertion
Date Fri, 23 Mar 2012 22:57:23 GMT

--- Comment #2 from webistrator <> 2012-03-23 22:57:23 UTC ---
Thanks for the prompt investigation/response to this issue. 

But I'd like to see the priority upgraded to expedite a fix since for those of
us who use the "comment" feature frequently and are involved in multilingual
work it is more than just the question of an annoyance and workaround.

For example, I use the comment feature to build ebooks that often require a
footnote type of reference. However, ebook formats as they are now (e.g., epub,
mobi and others) do not accommodate footnotes in the final formatted output. I
therefore use the comment feature to write the footnotes and their insertion
points, and when I'm finished with final formatting before ebook publication, I
run through the text and insert the comment text at the end of the related
chapter/section. As an example, my current project on Icelandic literature
requires frequent references to old Norse place-/people names needing the
Norwegian character set; I currently have only 10 pages with 8 "footnote
comments" awaiting final set-up.

So, while PDF/paginated output can allow footnotes/endnotes made in the
conventional way and formatted at page end, non-paginated text (a la ebooks)
cannot. And as Writer is rapidly becoming the tool of choice for writing ebooks
instead of MS Word, keeping this fact in mind when deciding priorities for bug
fixes would be welcome.

Thanks for the consideration.


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