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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 119011] formulas are lost by "DOCX" import filter
Date Sun, 04 Mar 2012 03:07:18 GMT

--- Comment #4 from ape <> 2012-03-04 03:07:18 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #2)
> Issue 93608 tracks already, that the new formula format OMML is not imported.
> So this issue should handle the case of the "Microsoft Equation 3.0" formulas.
> Most formulas in the attached document are of this kind. The formulas are lost
> in both cases, with setting to convert on import and with setting to not
> convert the formulas on import. In case of not converting on import I expect,
> that an OLE of "Microsoft Equation 3.0" is produced and a graphic is shown.

 You are mistaken. You write about the "Issue 93608" program
"". All the Offices that I have listed, offer this same
formula: "cosπ4 = 22".
 I'm writing a new bug. The file "*.docx" opens the correct program
"OpenWriter-3.1.1". All formulas are as images. "MicrosoftWord-2010" in the
export ODT-format file just as it opens "OpenWriter-3.1.1".
"MicrosoftWord-2010" warned that the formula will be converted into image
analyzing processes for export "*.docx" file in the ODT-format. But I see a
picture and I can replace it by "OpenMath".
 Regression occurred in the "OOo-3.2.1", "OOo-3.3.0", "DEV-OOO-300m103",
"DEV-OOO-300m106". Regression was inherited "LibO-3.3.0b". These programs are
not able to insert a formula, the formula can not be replaced by an image. They
just put in a empty space. This bug was fixed in "LibO-3.3.2" ("Writer" insert
images), but it is again in "LibO-3.4.x" because "LibO-3.4.x" is
"DEV-OOO-300m103" .
 I think that inserting formulas as formulas are not possible because the
"*.docx" must be converted to "Global Writer Text Document", which consists of
a "Writer Text Document" and a few (by formulas) "Math Document". This is a
limitation of the compatibility of formats DOCX and ODT.
 You have the right to reduce the level of error, but it does not change
anything: it is the regression and "AOO-3.4b" losing data.
 The Document Foundation comes as you are. TDF does not want to admit their
mistakes and reduces the importance of blocking bugs to the "major" if it has
an obligation (Release Plan) to release the program by a certain date. The
result: a new "LibO-3.5.0" opens only the first 3 pages of "*.docx" to the
first formula.
 You go for it?

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