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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 118999] Leap year not correctly calculated
Date Sun, 04 Mar 2012 05:28:22 GMT

--- Comment #17 from orcmid <> 2012-03-04 05:28:22 UTC ---
Created attachment 77286
Leap Day Smoke Test Excel 2003 XML Format Smoking in Excel

When the Smoke Test document is saved from Calc as Excel 2003 XML format, it
roundtrips back into Calc badly.  This appears to be because of defects in the
exporting of the formulas in column B.  In addition, formatting information is

When that XML format is imported into Excel 2010, the document is reported as
being in error.  If the document is openend anyhow there is something different
with regard to the Excel "leap year bug."  Somewhere in the transition, the day
numbers that are 0 through 60 in the original Calc sheet are adjusted down by
1, so the range is now -1 to 59.  This appears to be done in the creation of
the XML, and importing the XML back into Calc restores the values that are less
than 60.

In addition, the formulas in Column B are gone and the values shown are those
literally in the original Calc sheet.  This is apparently because the formulas
were not understandable (indeed, as they are not when re-imported into Calc). 
Restoring the formulas has been done in the attachment.  Also, the 1900-02-29
was re-entered manually to show that it is now accepted as a date with day
number 60.

[Note: preservation of the yyyy-mm-dd format in column A may not be because the
cell format was saved properly into the XML file.  This is also the default
date-time format on the configuration of Excel 2010 that was used.  The number
format for column B had to be set manually and it can be seen that it was not
presrved for numbers in column C.]

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