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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 107109] Quick-navigating text with CTRL + Arrowkeys is unpractical
Date Tue, 21 Feb 2012 16:18:25 GMT changed:

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--- Comment #5 from 2012-02-21 16:18:25 UTC ---

I strongly agree with "typist", to me, it's more friendly when typing a lot of
documents to have the following behaviour :

Ctrl+rightarrow go to the end of the current word.
Ctrl+leftarrow go to the beginning of the current word.
ctrl+rightarrow go at the end of the line when this is the last word of the
line and not to the other line.

shift+downarrow select all the words of the sentence and not the beginning of
the following line.

ctrl+shift+right should select with the same behaviour as to say, select the
current word until the end of the word and not the space after. 
And selecting the last word of a line with ctrl+shift+right 

Reasons :
--> This is the common behaviour for text navigation, like in this "textarea"
of this website, I'm currently typing in, under Firefox. 
==> So we don't have to change our mind when switching between severoal
--> When navigate to correct something at the first word it should not navigate
to the previous line but only to the first word. 
--> When  navigate to the last word of a sentence it should not go to the next
line, because we are on the line we want to correct and not the previous or the
following line.
--> when we want to correct the end of a word it is more easy to go directly at
the end of the word to correct or complete. 
--> That's the same when we want to correct the beginning of a word.

The non friendly current behaviour can easily see when dealing with bullet
points : selecting only the current point is not possible, Writer select the
following bullet and not only the last word.
Other case : want to select the line before a list of bullet points it is not
possible with shift+down, it select the first bullet point with... annoying to

This behaviour is very very very annoying in any case.

This Requirement should be marked as "very critical" ;) because it's very
important for those who are hard user of "word processor" like me.
sometime I want to go back to another word processor just because of this...

Thanks a lot for all and your great work !

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