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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 118783] svg export produces invalid file
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2012 12:37:25 GMT

--- Comment #6 from Armin Le Grand <> 2012-01-16 12:37:25 UTC ---
ALG: (1) is tricky; The current Svg exporter works using Metafiles, not
primitives. In Metafiles the stroke actions (even the SvtGraphicStroke helper
in the comment action) use no PolyPolygon, but single polygons. Thus, the
resulting Metafile has thee basic polygon actions:
- the filled PolyPolygon
- the outer stroke polygon
- the inner stroke polygon
what is correct so far. The Svg exporter tries to combine the 1st
SvtGraphicFill with the 2nd SvtGraphicStroke WITHOUT comparing the paths on
equality, thus the 1st and 2nd action get combined to one path statement in the
export. The 3rd starts a new path segment, this time only stroked.

The error happens in the Svg exporter; it cannot combine PolyPolygon fill with
Polygon stroke actions (also to mark: basing the Svg exporter to primitives
would also solve this). Thus, in the case of stroked PolyPolygons it will
either be possible to more intelligently combine those or not.

Checking if this is possible; it's not planned to be done, this can be read
from looking at the code...

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