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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 19291] Split Windows for single document
Date Tue, 20 Dec 2011 01:52:49 GMT

judgedredd <> changed:

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--- Comment #151 from judgedredd <> 2011-12-20 01:52:49 UTC
This is the problem with so-called 'Open source' products - the people that
create them sometimes are too arrogant, or whatever the hell the problem is, to
take on board a valid request. This bug is listed as trivial. Trivial indeed. 

300,000+ lawyers work in the USA alone. 

I have recently spoken to one person in this area who had a new computer
delivered to him (but not sold to him by me) which had Open Office (of all
things!)on it. He rang me up and complained that he couldn't find the split
screen function in OO and would I know where it is. I said to him that it
doesn't have it. Not a very happy camper was he.  

Here is why 300,000+ lawyers need this function (as just an example in ONE

When working on a case, other cases have to be read for research and case
citations extracted and placed (via copy and paste) in a master document. This
enables points to be summarized, notes to be added, more references to be made
to go look up something else relating to the case that has just been noted,
etc. This is done tens, sometimes even hundreds, of times FOR ONE CASE. Hence
the enormously valuable ability of having two documents up side by side; one is
the case being read and the other is where one puts the notes. And the stupid
remark about having two (different) WINDOWS open really is very, very dumb and
shows a complete lack of understanding of why this feature is so valuable. Go
and ask any lawyer and they will tell you why - in great detail too.

That's why you won't find many lawyers, if any, using OO (and if they are its
probably because they are too poor to afford MS Office). Trivial indeed. Huh.

MS Office allows not only split screens, but also unlocking the scrolling
function so that both screens can scroll independently of each other.

Needless to say, my friend has put MS Office on his machine and removed OO.

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