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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 29924] Printing doesnt work properly by several specific page format
Date Mon, 14 Nov 2011 06:59:59 GMT

David Lehrian <> changed:

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--- Comment #53 from David Lehrian <> 2011-11-14 06:59:59 UTC ---
I just started using OpenOffice and I was blown away at how difficult it was to
print an address onto a #10 envelope. I have an HP 1600 which does a center
feed with the printing being on the bottom of the envelope.  I worked for an
hour and a half and used 8 or so envelopes and printed on each of them 5 or 6
times and I still couldn't get what I would deem an acceptable print.  It was
incredible to watch as the program fought me all the way.  I created the
envelope in the document as per instructions on
 Format-> Addressee from left = 4.75” from top = 2.06”; Sender from left =
0.39” from top = 0.39”.  I didn't change this for the entire test.  Under
Printer I chose the envelope landscape in the middle (2nd from the right) and
Print from bottom.  Shift right and Shift down are 0” and 0”.  When it printed
it was 1.3” to far from the top of the envelope and 0.75” too far from the left
edge.  In Page->Format the Width was 9.5”, height was 6.31” and Landscape was
selected.  So I adjusted the top margin from 2.19” - 1.3" to 0.89” but the left
margin was already at 0 so there was nothing I could do to adjust it.  After I
changed the top margin I drug the boxes up and further to the left to where
they should look good.  The addressee looked fine but the sender was still 0.5”
too far from the left edge and the first letters were cut off.  So I tried
changing the width of the envelope from 9.5” to 10.0” and when I printed the
addressee jumped up 1” and moved to the left 2” and the sender was completely
off the page.  So I shortened the page from 10” to 9.75” and got the same
result.  So I changed the width back to 9.5” and the addressee jumped back to
the correct location in the middle of the envelope and the sender was visible
but again it was 0.75” to far from the left edge.  So it seems that Writer will
put the address anywhere but where I want it to go.  When I got close and tried
to out think it by changing the envelope width it jumped the addressee and
sender by well more than the 0.5" that I adjusted the page width.  Not sure
what is up with that.  

Next attempt was to change it from center feed to right feed.  When I did this
the page in Writer looked correct like I would expect an envelope to look, but
guessing that it would print off the right side of the page I printed it to a
piece of paper and sure enough I was correct, it was all the way to the right. 
When I held it up to an envelope it looked perfect.  At this point Format->Page
showed Width of 9.5”, height 4.13”, Landscape and 0 for all the margins.  So I
went back to Insert->Envelope and on the printer tab chose to shift the print
down what I would calculate to be the correct distance.  8.5” paper – 4.13”
envelope divided by 2 = 2.19”.  After using a ruler to confirm that this would
be the correct amount I needed to shift it down and pressing modify it changed
the page to look just like the original page I started with using the center
feed.  Here is what Format->Page showed.  Width 9.5”, height 6.32” and a top
margin of 2.19” with all the other margins set to 0”.  And sure enough the
print out had the same problem.  So now I have come full circle.  This prints
1.3” too far from the top.  This was the most unreal experience I have ever
had.  It was like the software knew where I wanted it to put the return address
but it actively worked to prevent me from putting it there.  

So final attempt.  I decided to try switching it back to right feed and not
shifting it but instead attempt to feed the envelope in on the right side of
the printer.  No luck, the manual feed sensor is in the middle of the feed tray
and setting it to the right didn't cause it to grab hold of the envelope.  

As I have read thru this bug report it appears that pretty much everyone with
an HP center feed printer has this exact same problem as well as an Okidata
center feed laser printer.  It has been a problem for 7 years.  7 YEARS!  This
bug report is filed against version 1.1.2 and I am using 3.3.0 which is the
latest build and it has the same problem!  I also hear that you can't reproduce
it because you don't have a printer to test with.  I would believe this if it
were some obscure brand of printer, but many of these posts are people with HP
printers which is a very main stream printer company.  I would think that
someone in the past 7 years would have been able to test this with a center
feed HP laser printer.  I wish that someone would take this problem seriously
because it is truly a show stopper for many people, myself included.  I'm
trying to figure out what to do and I'm thinking about writing a little Java
program simply to print envelopes because I really don't want to go back to MS
Office.  I have written java code before that prints output and I know that the
printer API is a little complicated, but this problem should not persist for 7
years.  Please give it the attention it deserves.

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